Friday, 23 September 2022

Updated Working Torrent Tracker list 2022

Updated Working Torrent Tracker list 2022
Torrent trackers keep a record of the torrent file's data throughout the dispersed network and help the torrent clients. In order to quickly download the appropriate torrent file for movies, music, documents, and software, they must be able to connect with one another to locate more peers and seeds. When the number of peers and seeds is greater, the file downloads quickly, and when the number of peers and seeds is less, the file takes too much time to download.

Torrent trackers help in increasing the torrent download speed. You will find the best torrent trackers list in this article.

List of Torrent Trackers 

Here is the updated torrent tracker list

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://



  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

  • udp://

Try above listed torrent trackers list links to get your favorite movies, songs, torrent file.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

How to Recover a Facebook Account on mobile?


How to Recover a Facebook Account on mobile?

This blog will tell you how you can recover any Facebook account on your mobile phone with some very simple steps. Read the blog carefully and get your account back.

Steps to recover a Facebook account on mobile

You have to follow the given steps if you wish to recover an old Facebook account on your mobile phone. So, carefully read the steps and then adhere to the procedure.

  • Initially, you have to open the Facebook application on your phone and then click on the Forgot Password link for the facebook com recovery process.

  • Then, you need to open the Find your account page and then type the phone number of the account.

  • When you see your account, you have to click on it and then go back to the Login page.

  • For the facebook recovery page, you have to ‘Choose a way to Log In’ and then select the option to Send a code.

  • You need to type the code that you will receive on your email account to get your account back.

This is the process with which you can get access to your account back after getting it deleted or lost. This is the process of how can I recover my old facebook account.

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

How to Fix Instagram Login Issues?


Instagram Login Issues

Instagram is a social media platform which is used by the users all across the world but as we know that all big platforms at some point of time face some technical errors and glitches but do not worry as there is always a solution for each problem which will help all the users to fix it. 

Now in this blog we are going to look at the ways to fix the Instagram login issues so that the users can fix them. 

Ways to fix Instagram login issues 

  1. Try turning Instagram on and off to fix the minor bugs which are troubling you with the login. 

  2. Try logging in to your account from another browser or from another device. 

  3. Update the Instagram application you are using to fix login issues of the Instagram. 

  4. You should also check the internet connection you are using and if it is not the one working properly then you need to change your connection to a new one for better experience and use. 

We hope that the information and the ways which we have provided for fixing the issues with the Instagram login and you were also able to fix and solve the issues arising. 

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Monday, 7 February 2022

How Do I Fix "Unfortunately, Facebook Has Stopped" On Android?


How Do I Fix "Unfortunately, Facebook Has Stopped" On Android?

This error message can come on for multiple reasons, so I've compiled a list of all the common reasons you may see the "Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped" error message. I've also included the solutions for each of these problems. With the solutions, I'll include recommended actions for the easiest, fastest fixes.

How to repair If Facebook has Stopped working?

Use these below methods if your Facebook has stopped android.

1. Restart the device

Step1: go to the Settings on your Android gadget.

Step2: Now press on More tab.

Step3: After that press on Application Manager to structure the rundown.

Step4: Now click All Application with a swipe to left.

Step5: There you'll see all your introduced applications, press on Facebook.

Step6: Now all you need to press on is Clear Cache and Clear information.

Step7: Now go to the home screen and restart your gadget.

2. Clear all the data 

  • Adopt this method if Facebook keeps stopping errors, unfortunately.

  • Switch off your gadget.

  • Presently press and hold the home+Power+Volume Up key.

  • Discharge the power button once you see a logo, yet continue to hold home and Volume up keys.

  • After that when you see the Android logo, let go of the two buttons.

  • Utilize the volume down button to explore and feature wipe store parcel

  • Or utilize the power key to choose the choice.

  • You need to choose 'Yes' when you'll be prompted to the next menu.

  • Presently trust that the cycle will be finished, whenever it's done feature 'Reboot framework now' and press the power button to choose it.

  • All Done.

3. Update the Facebook

Ordinarily, applications quit working on account of the update issue. On the off chance that your Facebook application is not refreshed, you want to refresh Facebook.

Yet again whenever you have refreshed the Facebook application effectively, open it and check whether it is working appropriately or Facebook has stopped.

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Sunday, 9 January 2022

Why isn’t Facebook sending me a code to reset my password?

Why isn’t Facebook sending me a code to reset my password
Facebook is a very popular social media platform which is used and accessed by a large number of users. But we all are humans and it is pretty normal that people forget their passwords. 

Every social media platform provides its users the option to reset their password if they have forgotten their password so that they can access their account again. But it is possible that the users sometimes face some technical errors and recently we have noticed that the users are facing problems like they are not receiving Facebook password reset code text

In this blog we will be looking into this problem and will also look for the solutions which can help our users to solve this problem. Let us move to the steps quickly without wasting any time. 

Steps to follow to fix Facebook not sending confirmation code – 

  1. The users are advised to restart their phone and then visit the settings option on their device and look for the apps tab. 

  2. As soon as you find the apps tab you need to click on it. Now, to fix Facebook not sending login code you have to select Facebook and press on Storage option. 

  3. Now go for clear data and cache and then return to the last page you accessed and select the select permission option. 

  4. Now after clicking on the telephone option make sure to click on Allow button. 

  5. Click on Gmail app followed by permissions and Telephone tab to solve Facebook confirmation code email not received. 

  6. On the browser fill in your email address and password and hit the login button. 

As soon as you click on a resend email you will get the code in your inbox which means you will receive Facebook confirmation code text and your problem will be solved.

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Find Complete stream2watch Alternatives

 These days sports lovers, without going to the stadium or without paying any amount of cash; they can watch their favorite sports using torrent websites. A popular sports torrents site is the stream2watch where you can find the best quality sports for free. 

This particular torrent is not everyone’s favorite, some people completely dislike it. So, we are introducing a few alternatives that are available to this site. 

Stream2watch Alternatives of this site

1. SportP2P:

If you are a football lover, you are definitely not going to miss this amazing website. All football matches from champions’ league, Europa League, Premier League, Seria A and more matches can be enjoyed through this website. 

2. Red stream:

High quality content can be viewed using the website red stream. Anotherstream2watch alternatives where you can stream any sports that you want. From football to tennis, all kinds of sports can be watched through this website. 

3. 123TV:

This site hosts streams that are more than 300 channels. Free sports streaming channels like NBA TV, ESPN, NBCSN and other channels like Fox news and animal planet can be seen for free. 

4. WiziWig:

The website streams popular sports and also has radio to make you in touch with the sports you love. The active forum section in this website will help all the fans to associate together and discuss about the match. 


Another best alternative to stream 2 watch where you can find different sports like golf, cycling, hockey and more. 

While using sites like this it is recommended to use VPN or any anti-virus and ad-blocker to protect your privacy. 

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Jio Rockers Telugu Movies Download 2021 HD

Jio Rockers Telugu Movies Download Telugu is a torrent website that is from India and made all their users feel happy just by posting the latest movies of the famous super stars. You can download any movies that you want to watch without paying a single paisa. 

Also, this is not available only in telugu, you can also download movies with different languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kanada in their respective websites. On these sites you will be able to see international movies. 

Telugu jio rockers movie download

All the users who use this website ask whether it is safe to use or whether it is legal. Since there is neither safety nor legally available, the answer to this is a big no! Their focus is to provide users with as much as download links they can and generate income from those ads.  

Users use it safely through third party networks.

Jio rockers tamil and all the different languages available on the website are also as above said they are not safe and legally watched. 

How does it work?

It provides the users with a speed option to download the content links. Users can easily access it since any movie that you want to download can be found by typing the name of the movie in the search bar.