Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Top 5 Updated Extra Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites 2021

Top 5 updated Extra torrent proxy mirror sites 2021
The extra torrent is one of the most loved and comes along with a few big-league names like pirate bay and kickass. It gained huge popularity ever since its inception in 2006. This platform has made a name for the users who prefer to download movies, games, and files using the peer to peer file sharing method. 

This amazing torrent site has a huge collection of magnet links that you can use to download and share a wide variety of content. The best thing about this site that makes it different from other sites is the extra torrent search box option. You can find any sort of magnet link with relative ease using this brilliant search feature. 

Sadly for the users, the amazing torrent site was taken down by the developers themselves. Ever since the site went offline, people have been trying to make clones of this site. Many mirrors sites have also been on the rise ever since the site was taken down way back in 2017.  Given below are some of the best and working extra torrent proxy sites that you can access to download and share magnet links.

Top 5 extra torrent proxy and mirror sites

  1. https://extratorrents.ch/

  1. Shorturl.at/KxCJL

  1. https://extratorrents-cc.com/

  1. https://extratorrent2.unblockninja.com/ 

  1. https://extratorrents.unblock.org/

The proxy sites help you in accessing the website by acting as a bridge between your connection and the website.  You can easily access these extra torrent proxy sites to access some of the websites that are banned in your region easily.

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