Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Why is Facebook not Loading Properly on Android?

Facebook not Loading on Android

Facebook has become a crucial part of not only an individual’s life but for an entrepreneur too. From connecting people across the world to enraging the business, Facebook shines up the best! But what happens when you find your Facebook app is not responding? This may put in a little anxiety. Don’t worry! Follow this article as a simple guide to troubleshoot Facebook loading errors on Android. 

How can I fix Facebook loading errors on my Android?

There are a lot of reasons that cause your Facebook app to crash and stop loading. If your Facebook app is not responding, you can follow these suggestions. 

  1. Have you updated your Facebook App?

The older version of your Facebook app can cause loading errors for having bugs and issues underneath. Go to the Google Play Store and update your Facebook app from the Apps and Games section.  

  1. Update your Android Phone

Running an updated version of Facebook in the old version of your device may not fix Facebook not responding on Android. Go to the settings section of your phone and update it from the update section. 

  1. Clear Cache for Facebook 

  • Go to settings

  • Locate “Apps” >  “Application List” > “Facebook” > “ Storage

  • Now tap on the “clear data and clear cache” 

  1. Restart your phone

If the Facebook not loading errors continues to bother you, try rebooting your device to clear all background cache. It will fix all other issues along with “Facebook not responding” errors.

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